Childrens Feet & Flat Feet, Point Cook - Time for a Check-up for your Kids Feet

Written by Steven De Rooy

Can you help with my Childrens feet?  Can you check if my Child has Flat Feet?  Kids can develop all sorts of foot pains and problems in their growing years. 

Our Full-time Podiatry Clinic in Point Cook (Ph.  9395 8205,  Open 6 days) has over 15 years experience in paediatric foot conditions and can help your child with all kinds of Childrens foot problems and pains.  

Common conditions which affect kids feet include Tired and achy feet, Flat feet,  Intoeing feet,  Heel pain (Severs),  Ingrown toenails (which keep Recurring),  Sports injuries,  Itchy feet,  Tinea,  Plantar warts,  Sore feet,  Footwear problems  to name a few.  

During an initial appointment with us,  we take a thorough history particularly if one or both parents had similar problems as a child,  check a childs normal stance,  conduct a walking (gait) analysis  and  also a biomechanical assessment checking the various joints in your childs feet.   These details can be compared to the averages of various age groups.

Some children may only need a check-up,  good footcare advice particularly with cutting nails, and some helpful tips with what types of footwear to buy whilst others may require custom or semi-custom childrens orthotics if their feet need more long term assistance.  At Point Cook Family and Sports Podiatry, we have a full range of childrens orthotics to suit the needs of all childrens feet. 

Steven the Podiatrist/Director, has 3 children himself and knows all too well the difficulties Mums and Dads can have with treating different kids foot problems and finding the right shoes for both school and outdoor activities.  

So if your concerned about anything with your childrens feet, give Point Cook Family & Sports Podiatry a call Phone   9395 8205.   We are open 6 days/week (9am-6pm Mon-Fri and Sat 8am-2pm) at 17 Dunnings Road, Point Cook.   We are a Preferred Provider for both BUPA and Medibank Private Health Funds for Point Cook.   Easy parking at our front and rear carparks is available.