Experts in Sporting / Childrens Feet, No Gap Orthotics

At Point Cook Family & Sports Podiatry, The Clinic has over 15 years experience in the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions of the foot, ankle and lower limb.  Conditions we regularly assess and treat are as follows:-

Childrens  &  Sports Podiatry,  No Gap Custom Orthotics:

  • Heel pain (Plantar fasciitis),  Arch pain,  Flat feet.  Sports injuries,  Heel spurs. 
  • Biomechanical and Gait analysis  (Inc. in your initial consultation)
  • No Gap Custom Orthotics (minimum 60% extras coverage needed)
  • Childrens feet,  Growing pains,  Tired/achy kids feet,  Intoeing
  • Corns,  Callus,  Cracked heels,  Hard skin
  • Achilles Tendonitis,  Childrens heel pain (Severs),  Ankle Pain,  Nerve entrapments
  • Ingrown Toenail Surgery  - Permanent removal of recurrent Ingrown nails
  • X-Ray and Ultrasound Referrals (Bulk billed) if needed at the Radiology practice next door.
  • Suppliers of Dr Comfort Shoes Footwear (Point Cook & Werribee)
  • Plantar Wart treatments

Custom Orthotics Specialists

Podiatrists specialise in Lower limb Biomechanics, Gait analysis and Orthotics prescription.  We complete a thorough assessment at your initial consultation and advise you whether or not you require orthotics based on your condition.  Orthotics are generally only used for chronic/long term conditions (not acute/short term conditions). 

Depending on your condition, many of our Orthotics can be prescribed and fitted at your initial consultation saving you time and expense.  Some orthotics may need to be made at a specialised orthotic laboratory (5-6 working days).  It is important to bring your two main pairs of footwear (Joggers, Runners + Work footwear) to your consultation to ensure an accurate orthotics prescription.   Services include:

  • Biomechanical and Gait analysis (Included in your initial consultation)
  • No Gap Custom Orthotics
  • Heel pain (plantar fasciitis),  Flat feet.  Sore and painful feet.   Heel spurs.  Shin splints
  • Footwear analysis and modifications  (Joggers, Runners, Work footwear)
  • X-Rays & Ultrasound referrals available (Bulk billed) if needed at the Radiology practice next door.

General  Podiatry  -  Ingrown Nails, Corns & Callus,  Diabetes

We also provide a thorough general treatment podiatry service (nails, corns, callus - hard skin) for many people.    Treatment is recommended each 6-8 weeks.  Many people also suffer with arthritis in their feet or have Diabetes.  Conditions treated include:

  • Ingrown nails,  Thick nails,  Fungal nails.   Big toe pain.  Corns.  Cracked heels. 
  • Osteoarthritis in your feet.
  • Diabetic Feet  (nerve and blood supply Doppler testing with GP report)
  • Sore and painful feet
  • Suppliers of Dr Comfort Shoes & Footwear - Point Cook & Werribee
  • Podiatrist Home Visits and Podiatry Retirement Village (Point Cook area Ph.9395 8205) visits available


Contact Point Cook Family & Sports Podiatry Ph. 9395 8205, Open 6 days or Book online to arrange your consultation.   We help the health and fitness of residents of the Point Cook, Seabrook, Sanctuary Lakes, Altona Meadows, Hoppers Crossing, Featherbrook, Laverton and Williams Landing communities with their family podiatry including sore and painful feet, foot/ankle pain, heel pain and No Gap Orthotics needs.