Ouch! Painful Corns and Callus on my Feet, Point Cook

Written by Steven De Rooy

OUCH!  Corns and Callus on my Feet Hurt, Point Cook!  Ph. 9395 8205 to Point Cook Family and Sports Podiatry, Open 6 Days/Week at 17 Dunnings Road, Point Cook can help to reduce your foot pain.  Our practice has 15 years of expertise in treating painful corns and calluses which can affect people of all age groups.

Corns and Calluses are thickening of the skin on both the heels and balls of your feet and also the sides and tops of your toes.  They generally build-up due to increased physical pressure on the skin.  Corns usually form on the tops of your tops of your toes, side of your 5th toe or on the sole of your feet.  Corns are typically deeper and smaller and form due to localised pressure.

Calluses are generally spread over a wider area such as across the heel (cracked heels) or the balls of your feet.  They form due to a larger area of pressure.  Callus can also form on the inner side of your big toes particularly if your big toes turn outwards (bunions). 

Fortunately they can be easily treated by your Local Point Cook Podiatrist, Steven, firstly by removal of the painful corns and calluses and secondly by advising you how to prevent/minimise the corns and calluses from re-occurring in the future.  This may include modifications to your footwear/innersoles with additional cushioning, special footcare products such as silipos tubing for your toes and  using high quality moisturising creams which your Podiatrist can recommend.

Steven the Podiatrist at Point Cook Family and Sports Podiatry has over 15 years Podiatry experience in treating painful corns and calluses.  We are open 6 days/week, Ph.9395 8205 or Book Online - www.completefoothealth.com.au and are located at 17 Dunnings Road,  Point Cook.  3030.   We help residents in the Point Cook, Sanctuary Lakes, Altona Meadows, Seabrook, Williams Landing and Laverton areas.